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Restricted Exporting Control Panels

"Quality Control Panels with Bespoke Designs"

We have now developed a Restricted Export Control System that means you no longer need to be restricted by the connectivity allowed to you by your DNO.

If they are saying you can only export 50 Kw, and your customer wants to put 500 Kw on their property well now you can, and the best part is the customer will get the Feed In Tariff for the total amount of 500 Kw.

We have successfully installed these panels in every DNO area around the Country other than Scottish Power they are the only DNO who have yet to except this type of system, but we do warn all our clients that each project must be looked upon as a fully independent project.

But after saying that, all DNOs are now fully aware of the lack of connectivity around the Country and all of them other than SP are willing to talk and help design a system which can work for both the client and the DNO. And the great news is there is now no restriction to the size of the (SSEG) Small Scale Embedded Generator which can be controlled, we do need of course to take into account Flicker and harmonic distortion when we are turning these larger systems off and on, but we can develop our system to overcome these problem.


The above photo shows a Restriction Panel which controls a 180 Kwp system were the export was restricted to 80 kw. This project used 5 SMA Invertors.

Restric Panel 1 small
The above photo shows a restriction panel where we can have control of 1 or 5 of the inverters.

The images below show our system installed (at DNO witness stage) in conjunction with a 176kWp solar PV installation designed, installed and commissioned by Forster Energy Ltd on the shed roofs of a broccoli and potato farm in Perthshire, Scotland for MJ & J McLaren.

We can design each of these systems to your requirements. Please get in touch to discuss.

second Small Restriction Panel Inside

Our export restriction system.
second Small Restriction Panel Owners 2

The Scottish & Southern Energy team with representatives from our client Forster Energy Ltd and the farmer Ian (and his son Mike) McLaren following DNO testing.

second Small Wall Mounted Kit

Our G59/2 Protection Relay Panel beneath 8nr. Power-One Trio-20.0-TL inverters installed by our client Forster Energy Ltd.
second Small Controller Large

Our control panel can be any
distance away from the main
relay panel.

Restriction Panel Happy

Our client Forster Energy Ltd Director of Business Development Grant Withers shaking hands with the land owner Ian McLaren with his son Mike, and representatives from Scottish Southern Energy.

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