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The Missing Link

Small Pure Energy Test 7
Small Restriction Panel Inside2

The Renewable Solution and our panel building design team have now come up with what we believe is indeed the "missing link" in the ever growing area of lack of connectivity, and that is a restriction control system that can be designed to operate successfully up to 1MegW sized projects.
We have been working with several forward thinking distribution network operators and have now finalised the design. We are confident this can help almost everyone who has had their project rejected through lack of connectivity by the DNO.
There are of course some caveats with a new format such as this and they are as follows :

1) The Renewable Solution have to be involved in all the design and application stages of the project, especially relating to the DNO.

2) The Renewable Solution will request a stringent Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed for all information relating to the design and the manufacturing of the control panels.

3) The Renewable Solution will recommend the inverters that must be used on the project.

4) The Renewable Solution will not discuss with any new potential client our design in any way.
But after saying all of the above, we are ready willing and able to change the relationship installers have with the lack of connectivity.
So go back and re-visit every rejected project and then get in touch with us.

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