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We recently installed and tested a G59/2-1 Protection Relay Panel at a 90Kw CHP unit that burns wood chips. This is one of many site visits we have done to agricultural sites around the UK that are installing CHP Units as a means to power the entire site and make money off the export tariffs.


These pictures were taken on our site visit and G59/2-1 Protection Relay Panel witness test on Thursday 11th Sept 2012. This is a multi-million pound CHP unit that works by capturing the heat and energy created by fermenting slurry.




The relay panel we both supplied and fitted at this project, was also tested after fitting, the system you can view here is a CHP supply, which delivers the hot water to a 200 room Travel Lodge.



The relay panel seen above fitted nicely into the space available, this panel was controlled by a (ComAp) Mains Pro.

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