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Learn From Others

We have been involved in over 20Meg of PV projects over the last 6 weeks and while we have been testing both G59/2-1 and G59/3 protection relays, we have also been testing string boxes and earthing systems. Whilst doing these site visits we have found that we can always learn from other peoples mistakes. Below you will find several demonstrations of what not to do.

Small Demo1

Check out the line of these panels. This causes a massive drop in out-put.
Small Demo2

This string control box must be completely sealed otherwise your IP rating is zero.

Small Demo3

On this site there were over 250 broken panels.
Small Demo4

Bad conditions mean it will be hard work for everyone involved in the project.

Small Demo5

These string conductors are in a real mess and will need sealing off as soon as possible to stop rodent activity.
Small Demo6

This must be one of the worst things we found, these clamps are completely inadequate for this purpose.

Small Demo7

The conductors were already in this duct ( bad news )
Small Demo8

All these cables needed to be separated into groups and the HV conductors should have already been marked and buried !

Small Demo9

Again bad planning and cable routes all over the place.

So don't do the same mistakes .. why not get in touch with us to plan and design your system. Then we can stop you making some of the hundreds of other mistakes we have come across.

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