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Calling all landowners


Increasing numbers of farmers have been discovering a way to reap a weatherproof, guaranteed income over a 25 year period – with zero set up costs. They have achieved this by renting out land to solar energy developers.

The farmer or landowner enters into a fixed term 25 year lease and the rent is priced at £800 per acre, per year, index linked. There is no risk of any default on rental payments because we are backed by 25 year government investment schemes, making us a guaranteed secure tenant.
None of this will cost the new landlord a penny. All equipment is owned and maintained by the developer over the 25 years to ensure peak performance. At the end of this period the installation can be removed returning the land to its original state, or the equipment becomes the landowners property.

All you have to do is call

sheep and pv

If you are a farmer with land available to rent, it is best to come to straight to us because we prefer to cut out third parties who will certainly charge commission and may have their own agenda.

We like to deal directly with the person who is going to be the landlord for the next 25 years. It is important that we meet face to face and build a strong relationship because of the length of the commitment and contract we would be entering into.
It's important to be honest and upfront, which is another reason we prefer to speak directly to the property owner. They will be in a win-win situation; being able to continue farming the land but also have the benefit of a reliable long-term revenue stream to rely upon. Some farmers even see this as part of their retirement plans.

We can talk to you and explain the whole process, from initial discussions with the landowner, applying for planning permission to construction and operation of the site.

Site Identification

First Stage

The first stage of the process is to assess the suitability of your site. There are lots of ways this can be done and we will carry out a feasibility study to assess whether the site is financially viable.

We are looking for land area of 30 acres which is not in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It has to be relatively flat and well screened by existing hedgerow. Visual impact is a key consideration, therefore ideally the area should not be immediately adjacent to a densely populated area or a historical monument.
The next stage is to sign a lease with the landlord, usually for 25 years. We have rarely found the term to be an issue, with landlords more than willing to lease what is often underused land in return for 25 years of guaranteed return on their land.
Following this, we will apply for planning consent and submit an application to connect to the national grid. When this stage has been successful, it will be arranged for the construction of the solar farm.


Farmers are talking to each other and word is spreading about the financial benefits of a guaranteed rental income. Having an agreement that allows the construction of a large scale solar PV installation provides landowners with a guaranteed income and return for 25 years which is not dependent on weather and agricultural economic unpredictability.
Rental payments are made quarterly in advance once the lease agreement has been signed and this is before the installation of a solar farm begins.
Farmers should think about rural diversification these days and a solar farm is one way to do it.
The installation of a solar farm does not mean the land will lose its agricultural use. The wide grassy avenues between the rows of panels create a fantastic opportunity to keep the land in agricultural production by grazing smaller livestock. For sheep farmers the PV installation is extremely useful for shading in hot weather and protection from snow in extreme weather.

sheep and pv 2Step by step guide

• Planning Permission

• Community Consultation

• Legal Documentation

• Rent Payment begins quarterly upfront

• Construction of Solar Farm

• Connection to the National Grid

• Technical Checks

• Maintenance



If you would like more information or want to arrange a meeting,

please call 01260-545059

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