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Renewable Solution is a renewable energy consultancy company providing advice, solutions and renewable energy installation services, and advice on micro-generation projects at all stages of development.
As Renewable Energy Consultants, we offer feasibility and design solutions, for all major renewable energy technologies and also provide you with the help you are looking for, which will take your project from conception to operation.
There has never been a better time to consider the benefits of micro-generation, or small scale renewable energy installation. And now with the "Feed In Tarrifs" that are available, the time is right to move as fast as you can. Government policy is strongly in favour and there are great opportunities to not just be your own energy provider, but to make money doing so.
Here at Renewable Solution our consultants understand the difficulties that can be encountered when considering the feasibility and design of a micro-generation system through to the installation of the equipment itself, and are therefore committed to providing a complete service to our clients, eliminating the difficulties and confusion that can act as barriers when installing micro-generation technologies.
We have contacts who work and develop systems for the renewable energy sector, we also have contacts for equipment at the most favourable prices, we have contacts in the academic World, where knowledge is available to us before it is released into the public domain.
We also have a qualified lecturer who has worked and trained in the renewable energy sector, he can train your fitters and your sales staff, so they can demonstrate and therefore prove their knowledge to your customers.
We can supply you with the best leads and the best prices and the best knowledge !!
We can also help you with G83 and G59 training and are fully conversant with the regs required, we also have contacts in the industry that can test your G59 systems relays. We also have contacts with all the major DNO (Distribution Network Operators) this information can only make your life easier.
Why not develop the easy way, we have already done the hard work, why not take advantage and be one or even two steps ahead of your rivals, don't forget they will use every advantage they can to stay in front of you. So why not get in touch and learn how we can make you stronger and therefore more competitive.

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