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LV and HV Projects

Delivery of both LV and HV Installs.

The installation work shown in the photos are of both the HV and some LV on the 5 Mega Watt projects we have been involved in. The installations shown in these pictures as you can see are truly fantastic. They are a demonstration of how this size of project can be delivered with both installation skill and confidence of overall success.

You must have this confidence and knowledge when you are dealing with the DNO at this level. We have now developed some of the best contacts in this Country to deliver that confidence in both LV and HV and also the earthing systems required at this level of installations.

Guru LV and HV Projects
Guru  LV and HV Projects IMG 1099

 Guru LV and HV Projects IMG 1112
Guru  LV and HV Projects IMG 1098

Guru  LV and HV Projects IMG 1113
Guru  LV and HV Projects IMG 1128

Guru  LV and HV Projects IMG 1129

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