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500Kw G59/2 Panel

These photos show one of our latest Witness Tests where the contractor was using the latest addition to the Fronius Inverter range, the Agilo.
The Fronius Agilo Inverter range is seeming to proove very popular for many good reasons and here is just another example of a project where these inverters are installed along side our bespoke built G59/2 panel.
For this particular project PURE ENERGY were the contractors. As you will see from the photos here, the standard and quality of their work is first class.
This install is a great example of how these fantastic inverters should be installed. We have seen many installs and this has to be one of the best we have seen and the customer was more than happy with the quality of the install from PURE ENERGY.
As you can see from the smiling face on the DNO witness, it all went well and was up and running straight after the tester was disconnected.
If you want your DNO Witnessing to go as smoothly as this one did why not get in touch with us.

Inverters 1 Small
The above picture shows two of the Agilo inverters used. Along side
them you will notice the Agilo String Controller Boxes again a great
time and cost saving extra which is a must with these bits of kit.

All Inverters Small
The above picture here shows all 5 Agilo inverters used. There are
3 x 100 Agilo Inverters and 2 x 75 Agilo Inverters. Again all these
inverters are accompanied by the Agilo String Control Boxes.

500Kw G59 Panel Small
At the heart of the install was our bespoke built
500Kw G59/2 Protection Relay Panel. As you can
see this was a big bit of kit. It was 1800mm x 1200mm
x 400mm ina double door enclosure.

Witness Pic Small
Above you can see we achieved what we set out to achieve, a happy
DNO witness who allowed us to connect to the Grid.

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